Guorui Paper Machinery: The basic process of using waste cartons to produce new cartons (2)
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Step 3: Pure pulp treatment

The pure pulp separated by the above process must be re-added with water and other chemicals to make the subsequent paper have the required functions, such as waterproof.


Step 4: Roll the pulp


Step 5: suction under negative pressure

The drum has the effect of vacuum pumping, and the drum rolls out water from the pulp, and the pulp remains on the filter screen


The thickness of the paper is determined by the layer of paper rolled by the roller, if the paper thickness is set to 125g, each roller is responsible for 25g thickness, the sum of 5rollers is 125g.


Step 6: Dry on high heat

After rolling, the water content of the paper is reduced to 40%. Then it is heated by high temperature steam, so that the water evaporates quickly.


Before the paper is rolled into paper rolls, it is also measured with a moisture content tester, and if it is too wet, it is also returned to the furnace.


Step 7: Roll into paper rolls

A piece of paper is rolled into an oversized roll using friction from a roller. Recycled paper is then made separately or sent to new corrugated cardboard boxes.


At this point, the cardboard box is turned back into paper.