Guorui Paper Machinery: The basic process of using waste cartons to produce new cartons (1)
author: 管理员 Release time: 2024-06-14 source: click: 51

In life, we often come into contacting with cartons. Highly developed Chinese e-commerce has brought a large number of carton demand. Cartons can be recycled. Corrugated paper itself can be recycled, and the raw materials of many cartons are also from recycled waste cartons.


The first step of turning a waste carton into a new carton: compress the carton

At the recycling plant, the recycled cartons are first compressed and packed into a transportable cube. Through the conveyor belt, a large number of waste cartons are sent to the compressor entrance. Compression packaging by machine.



Step 2: Pulp the compressed carton

The paper cube will be sent to a beater for processing, breaking them all into pieces and separating impurities at the same time.


The carton is mixed with water in the beater kettle and constantly stirred, which can filter out various materials such as plastic, metal, ink and so on.


It turns into the following "pulp porridge."


Continue to use the mixer to spiral the pulp, while removing the resulting air bubbles, so that the material in the pulp is fully mixed