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Guo Rui Papermaking Machinery (Guo Rui Papermaking Machinery), the full name of Qinyang City Guorui Paper Machinery Co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as GRPM.

GRPM was founded in 2009 by senior people with more than 30 years of experience in paper production and paper technical services. The company teams are from the paper production technology department, paper machinery technology Department, paper machinery installation and construction department and other departments. We are familiar with the whole industry chain of the paper industry, we have many years of front-line practical experience in the fields of pulping, paper machinery research and development, production, technical services, etc., making our process design has a certain leadership, scientific and landing.

GRPM has always focused on one thing: product development, production, sales, installation and commissioning of paper machinery and equipment, and technical services.

Guorui Machinery (GRPM) has a series of advanced production equipment such as high-precision CNC lathes, and we have established a cooperative relationship with the paper technology laboratory of domestic universities, further improving our level in pulp technology.

GRPM paper machinery products have not only covered 29 provinces and autonomous regions in China, but also exported to Africa, Central Asia, Russia, Iran, the United States, Thailand and other nearly 30 countries.

30 years of profound accumulation, we create high-precision paper machinery products with ingenuity; Create efficient papermaking machinery products with innovation, and constantly explore a new realm of papermaking technology with scientific research! The delivery of each production line is the delivery of the product, the presentation of the work, and the beginning of the service!

We advocate the value of "altruism" and gain self-growth in the process of creating value for customers.

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